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Located on the western edge of the Teton Range, this home is a retreat for the almost-retired owners and their children and grandchildren. It is designed to have a thermally isolated wing that can be closed off when not needed. The team approach to design and detailing on this project was an integral and rewarding process for all involved. We started with a design charrette that included the owner, builder, energy consultant, mechanical subcontractor, landscape architect, structural engineer, and local material supplies. Working together we established the goal of high-quality construction with an emphasis on the building systems, envelope design, and operation. Mock-ups of wall systems were made to determine approaches. 

Working directly with the owner on design, the home moved more and more toward a simple elegant modern style that reflects vernacular forms around the valley.

LOCATION: Western edge of Teton Range, Alta, Wyoming


CONTRACTOR: With the Grain, LLC

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER: Hone Architects Partner, Megan Hanson

DETAILS: 4,150 square-foot residence 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Tony Jewell & Meghan Hanson

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