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At Hone Architects and Builders, we do things a little differently.

When we started Hone, we wanted to build a business around beautifully designed, well-constructed spaces by flipping the narrative on the traditional design, bid, build construction model. We looked for like-minded partners for years who could help us create the homes and commercial spaces we wanted to build. After much trial and error, we found each other. Once we created our first project together, we knew we’d found the chemistry we’d been looking for, and we never looked back to those old ways of doing things.

Our Road Map


We’ve developed a road map that, to be honest, -- and we’ll always be honest -- is more like a spiraling path. We’ll talk with you. We’ll make decisions together. We’ll talk again. We’ll make more decisions. As we walk this road together, we'll start with your hopes and dreams and end at a home, warm and beautiful, that you helped create.


When we first talk, we’ll want to hear all of your ideas. Yes, all of them. We want to see pictures that inspire you. We want to know your habits and patterns. And we want to know your budget. We can’t fully think about your project without knowing how much you want to spend so we’ll talk about money in our very first conversation. And we’ll keep talking about it until we’re all comfortable.


After our initial conversations, you’ll decide if you’d like us to move forward with your project. We hope you do.

Due Diligence, Schematic Design + Initial Pricing


After you’ve made the decision to let us build your space, we’ll research your property for any building challenges. This includes any regulatory conditions or encumbrances your property may secretly harbor. We’ll let you know the costs associated with this step and agree to these fees before we launch in.


Once this research is complete, we’ll synthesize it with the information we’ve gleaned from our conversations into two or three project concepts that we’ll present to you as rough floor plans with front and side views, as well as a narrative about the benefits and challenges of each concept. We’ll also create an initial pricing framework.


As we move forward, we’ll work to differentiate between costs that can’t be changed and those that can, and we’ll let you know how you can affect your budget with the choices you make.

Design + Construction Plans

Once you choose a concept and we agree on a preliminary budget, we’ll write an agreement that defines the costs and timeframe for the rest of the design of your project.


We love details and this is where we talk about them. Finishes, windows, doors, featured stairs, timber, and steel. We’ll create a set of plans specific enough to allow us to get bids from subcontractors and suppliers as well as to allow us to estimate labor costs. We’ll come back to you with those cost estimates and check back in with the design team to make sure we are on track to deliver a design you love that meets your budget.


If we need to adjust or shift, we’ll do that too.


You’ll approve the final design and budget. We’ll refine the details to develop construction plans so there are as few surprises as possible when carpenters are on site ready to cut and hammer. With complete and well-considered plans in hand, we’ll apply for building permits, complete a final budget and sign a contract with you knowing we’ve thought through the complicated details and clearly defined expectations for the finished project.

Wood, glass, steel, and concrete

Now, we start to realize your vision in concrete, steel, glass, and wood. We’ll give you a detailed schedule describing milestones we’ll meet along the way. We’ll meet with you weekly and talk about progress, obstacles, finish decisions, and any necessary changes. We’ll bill you each month and, with your bill, you’ll receive a detailed spreadsheet that tracks completed work to money spent. We’ll alter our course when we need to.


At key points, we’ll talk through the space together to discuss the granular. Fixture placement, switches, cabinets, and floor finishes. From trim to tile to color choices, there will be thousands of decisions for you to consider.


We can help.

Finishing touches

When all the doors are adjusted and paint touch-ups are complete we’ll have a professional cleaner meticulously clean your space. You’ll start fresh. After a few weeks, we’ll come back to make sure we address anything that needs attention.


Then, we hope you’ll allow us to come back and professionally photograph your space so we can share your dream and our work with future clients.


We believe in our work and our road map. Reach out if you’re interested in talking about your project. We’d love to hear from you.


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