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Sarah has recently returned to her Missoula roots after 12 years practicing architecture in the pacific northwest. She brings with her a commitment to design that is balanced between romance and pragmatism, beauty and function, that is grounded in the richness of natural materials and comfortable sustainability. As a passive house Consultant (CPHC), certified through the Passive House Institute US, Sarah seeks to provide the highest levels of resilience, wellness, and energy efficiency attainable on each project. Her goal is to help clients create and achieve their vision of a building that is refined to its essence; one that will be as relevant in its 100th year as it is in its first year.

Sarah is an enthusiastic hobby gardener, baker, bike-commuter, farmer’s market and craft-fair shopper, brew drinker, community supporter, star-gazer, and future-dreamer. She is excited to raise her family in the mountains.

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