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The Nordic row Townhomes started on a blighted lot with several unsalvageable homes and outbuildings. Attached-wall townhomes are not yet mainstream in Missoula, but the efficiencies of space, cost and energy just made the most sense.

Inspired by the vivid primary colors of northern Greenland communities, the townhomes provide a little brightness in the long grey winters. There is plenty of room to let your family grow, including a small backyard for pets and barbeques, a sunny planter box in front for herbs and veggies, and a garage with room for all the gear you need to play in the outdoors. You can have this all with a $25 gas bill in the dark of winter.


At Hone we are excited to help create the solutions that our neighborhoods require to maintain our fantastic quality of life in the larger, denser Missoula of the future.

LOCATION: Missoula, Montana


CONTRACTOR: Hone Builders

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER: Hone Architects + Builders

PHOTOGRAPHER: Isaac Miller Photography

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