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The site for this home is a beautiful 10 acres on the rolling ground overlooking the Teton Valley. A restored sheep herder’s wagon sits on the hill surrounded by sagebrush. Our goal was to create a structure that sits quietly within the landscape and allows the occupants to feel a part of the site. With its high perch and harsh winters and winds however it was important to create a ‘thermal separation’ within the house as well. Additionally the more close-range view includes a scattering of houses over the top of the hill. To capitalize on the expansive far-off views, we turned the structure perpendicular to the topography and carefully located finish floor height such that the only views are of the sagebrush in the foreground, the mountains to the north, east and south, and the rolling farm ground to the west and north. This also allowed us to use passive solar heat (with triple glazed windows and a concrete floor thermal mass). The home will have reclaimed corral board and oxidized steel siding that will require minimal maintenance. The interior features exposed steel beams with reclaimed corral board ceiling, recycled paper countertops, and concrete surfaces & shower made of 100% recycled concrete (made of glass and flyash).

LOCATION: Teton Valley, Idaho


DETAILS: 2,100 Square-foot home

CONTRACTOR: Proctor Construction Services, LLC

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER: Hone Architect Meghan Hanson

PHOTOGRAPHER: Lane Valiante Photography

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