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The owners of this beautiful 20 acres in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana came with a wonderful outline of how they intend to live within this house. With this as a road map we began the process of studying the site together to determine the indoor and outdoor living spaces, the solar and view angles, the topography, and the existing site constraints and attributes. An old home that was on site was deconstructed by a local company and all useable pieces were reclaimed. An existing apple orchard on-site is being regenerated and added to.

The project includes the main house with space for parties and guests as well as a Yoga Studio/Guesthouse a short walk away. The project features 42 PV panels, a geothermal heat system, triple glazed windows angled and shaded for passive solar collection (with a thermal mass floor), double stud wall with vented siding construction, and efficient and low water use.

LOCATION: Bitterroot Mountains, Montana


CONTRACTOR: Riversong Builders

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER: Hone Partner Meghan Hanson

DETAILS: 3,590 square-foot home + 1,730 square-foot yoga studio/guesthouse.


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