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Robert grew up building and remodeling houses with his family in Minnesota. He has always enjoyed working with his hands, as well as being creative and innovative. He was able to combine his passion for building and design by earning his Masters in Architecture from Montana State University. Since graduating, he has spent time in Oregon and Washington and now back in Montana gaining experience in both custom construction and high-end residential architecture. His background vertically integrated design-build firms have given him a wide breadth of experiences to hone his skills over the years. Being exposed to high performance building in Seattle, Robert sought to expand his expertise and passions by becoming a Certified Passive House Consultant. Robert believes that by balancing aesthetics, methodical building science, sustainability, and functionality we can create architecture that is not only timeless, but also healthy and comfortable. Having a holistic design approach, by developing the building’s overall language in addition to the unnoticed details, he aims to evoke unique emotions and feelings in the spaces. Robert enjoys spending his free time building furniture, camping, hiking, traveling the world, and spending time with his family.

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