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RYAN BUNDY _ Hone Architects and builder

Ryan earned a BA in business from the University of Montana in 2004, but the prospect of a corporate job never sat well with him. After college, he served in Americorps, played music professionally, and fell in love with renovating houses. Ryan earned a Masters of Architecture from The University of Utah in 2012 and made his way back to Missoula where he has worked in the field of architecture for the past 7 years. Always community-focused, Ryan served on the Board of Directors of Missoula Urban Demonstration Project (MUD) for 5 years and is currently serving on the Missoula Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board. Ryan spends his spare time making and playing homemade banjos and slide guitars, riding his single speed bike around Missoula, and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, which is obviously the best Star Trek series, even though you probably think it’s Deep Space Nine, and that is ok.

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