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Garden City Harvest is a nonprofit organization located in Missoula Montana that focuses on community supported agriculture, food security, and nutrition and sustainability outreach. After making do with a tiny office and a series of sheds for nearly 20 years GCH finally had the opportunity to realize a new, centralized operation at their primary farm on River Road in 2015. The design mandate for the “Farmstead” was a sustainably built, energy efficient new office, community space, caretaker’s residence, and space for farm operations. Inspired by the mission of the organization, the design pays homage to familiar western American agrarian structures. Namely, the humble farmhouse and the big red barn, but with a modern twist. The build made extensive use of locally sourced, durable and sustainable materials. Using the same airtight, double stud construction as many of our residential projects the new buildings are comfortable and efficient. The project received an AIA Montana excellence in design honorable mention in 2019. The project was designed by a collaborative effort between Lucas Dupuis, Meghan Hanson and John Paoli of Inkstone Architecture, and was built by Mast and Co builders (Now Hone Architects & Builders) with generously donated project management by Kim Reineking.

LOCATION: Missoula, MT


DETAILS: 5500 sf + 2000sf storage/accessory

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER: Hone Architects and Builders, Lucas Dupuis

PHOTOGRAPHER: Claire Haughey

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